The Vintage 9 Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charity, working in partnership with the Major League Baseball Players Alumni Association (MLBPAA) to raise money for children in need via exhibition 19th Century "Vintage Base Ball" games.  Through these history-filled events--bringing back to life all the traditions and sportsmanship from the era in which professional baseball began, over 125 years ago--the Vintage 9 Foundation strives to:


1.  PRESERVE THE EDUCATIONAL VALUE OF OUR NATIONAL PASTIME.  Baseball is steeped in incredible history.  Unfortunately, much of this history is fading or not taught to today's youth, especially as more and more schools eliminate physical education and as kids' schedules are packed and programed with private instruction focusing on mechanics and technology.  Lost are the lessons oaf the game's intangibles.  The Vintage 9 Foundation is stepping in to ensure a divide doesn't grow between baseball's past and baseball's future, to provide a vibrant, rich, LIVE area for children everywhere and of all ages to truly be part of the fabric of the game, part of the lore, and glean the centuries spanning wisdom our national pastime has to offer.

2.  ENSURE THAT THE GAME, AND ITS RETIRED, LEGENDARY PLAYERS STAY RELEVANT TO TODAY'S YOUTH.  Alas, legendary players like Gaylord Perry, Orlando Cepeda, Andre Dawson, Earl Weaver, Juan Marichal, Carl Yastrzemski, and scores more are finding themselves unrecognized by today's kids.  These ambassadors have an incredible amount of knowledge to impart.  Yet far, far too many youngsters don't even know who these greats are, sadly rendering all their gifts powerless.  At one MLB Urban Academy event attended by Hank Aaron, a high school boy (who played in leagues and games year round) shook Aaron's hand... and asked him, "Are you Jackie Robinson?"  The boy didn't know who Aaron was, nor knew even the basics of what Jackie Robinson looked like!  What an absolute shame!  The Vintage 9 Foundation is working hard to rectify this problem by reintroducing kids all over the country to the game's greatest players--reintroducing them to greats as ballplayers, live, in action, on the field again, not just as aged autograph signers in street clothes.

3.  RAISE MONEY FOR LOCAL AND NATIONAL YOUTH CHARITIES.  Is there anything more important than the health and eduction of the next generation?  The Vintage 9 Foundation--and all our MLB friends, partners, and participants--feel strongly that our communities should rally to help under-served neighborhoods, under-funded schools and youth organizations, under-staffed children's hospitals, and under-recognized heroes.  And what an incredible way to rally... to take your family to a 19th century ballgame, buy a couple hotdogs, get a Legend to sign an old fashioned lemon peel ball, and have all the proceeds from such an incredible, history, educational experience go to support children's charity!