The Legends' Vintage Showdown Series

Were you too young to see Gaylord Perry become the first pitcher in history to win the Cy Young Award in both leagues? Do you miss the days before there was the "plug and play" same closer every night, when Rollie Fingers made the Rolaids Relief Man of the Year an exciting contest among all bullpen pitchers? Or maybe your memorabilia collection missing one special autograph, but you thought you'd never get it because that player has long been retired...


Well here is your chance for all of these, and SO much more!


The Vintage 9 Foundation is proud to bring you an annual series in which the greats of yesteryear are back in action on the diamond again. But these are no "old timers" games or celebrity softball type events in which retired players just jog around the field. The Vintage Showdown Series are full speed, full action, all-out contests in which baseball Legends are trying their hand at the 125 year old version of the game they love, competing for bragging rights, MVP trophies, and vintage actual box scores that will be sent to Cooperstown.


The Legends Vintage Showdown Series travels to cities and towns all over the country so please join our fan club and keep your eye on the ever-expanding list of upcoming events. Oh, and did we mention, there are even opportunities for you to play in one of these games as a title sponsor or Hall of Fame donor. Ask us how!

Legends for Youth Clinics

In partnership with the Major League Baseball Players Alumni Association (MLBPAA), most of our events include a FREE youth clinic for all children in the surrounding towns and neighborhoods! This is a chance for youngsters to get on the field with Hall of Fame inductees, All-Stars, and World Series champions, taking home invaluable knowledge about the game, history, baseball skills, and overall lessons for having success in life.


It is part of our core mission to ensure opportunities like this are available to everyone, from all walks life, not just a privileged few. Therefore, we work to increase the access children have to the game's greats. We look forward to seeing you and your kids at our next offering.


And if a Vintage Base Ball Showdown event is not coming to your town, city, or region soon, please check out our partner's schedule as well... the truly wonderful and amazing people at the MLBPAA put an exhaustive amount of work into bringing 50+ Legends for Youth Clinics to communities all over the country every year! 

The Vintage World Series

Vintage base ball leagues are popping up, coast to coast, with amateur and retired players (ballists as they were called in the 1800's) falling in love with the old fashioned rules and traditions--playing baseball the way the game was meant to be played.


The Vintage 9 Foundation now puts on a Vintage World Series tournament at the end of the every summer, connecting ballists from all over the country, bringing together the top players, and crowning a national champion. And each team that reaches the Vintage World Series earns the reward of a roster expansion--former MLB greats joining them on the bench and on the field!


Whether you're a player or fan, come join the fun. Tickets are available to all Vintage World Series games with the proceeds going to youth charity.


And call today to learn how your team or your league's champion can qualify for the Vintage World Series!


Other Exciting Events

Even though the centerpiece of most Vintage 9 events is a vintage showdown game, a wide array of supplementary activities are available for fans and ballplayers of all ages. Some examples include:


  • Banquets and brunches

  • Keynote addresses, lectures, and workshops

  • Golf tournaments or private rounds with the Legends

  • MLB memorabilia auctions

  • Live concerts (w/legendary musicians who also play in the showdown!)

  • Additional games for fans and supporters to play in with the Legends (such as horseshoes, corn-hole, poker, and more)


These ancillary events provide opportunities for community members to interact, up close and personal, with some of the greatest living MLB Legends in atmoshperes that are relaxed and fun. It's not just a time to be a "fan"; it's a time to make lifelong friendships with MLB greats.