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The Major League Baseball Players Alumni Association and the Vintage 9 Foundation work in partnership to bring extraordinarily special fundraising events to communities, large and small, all over the United States.


MLB Hall of Fame Inductees, World Series Winners, and All-Stars, spanning five decades, return to the diamond in these events. But NOT in a typical “old timers” or “celebrity softball” sort of jog-around-the-field appearance. Legends of Baseball Vintage Showdown games are LIVE, competitive contests in which the greats of yesterday are back in full action, playing to win. AND, their rewinding the clock more than 125 years, to the 1870’s and 1880’s when ballists (as they were called) wore knickers and pillbox caps, when mitts were no bigger than a gardening glove, when it took 7 balls to walk, when foul balls were not counted as strikes, when there was no such thing as a balk or an infield fly, when disagreements were settled using gentleman’s calls—an era long before mega dollar contracts, steroids, and endorsements.


Imagine a roster, for example, of Hank Aaron, Ozzie Smith, Rollie Fingers, John Schmoltz, Ken Griffey, Jr., and a dozen more Legends at YOUR venue, suiting up in authentic 19th century uniforms, playing for bragging rights on a box score that will be recorded in Cooperstown… all while teaching the history of our national pastime to the children of YOUR community and helping to raise money for a local charity of YOUR choice.


Yes, you can make this experience happen for the fans, families, and friends in your community.


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